Verbs and dependent propositions

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In this post we want to take a look at some very important propositions and some of their useful propositions.

A. Do the following exercises and then check your answers.

1. The community that focuses its efforts on ..❓.. the exploration of space has largely been different from …
2. .. Both fields of interest involve what might be referred to ..❓.. scientific exploration.
3. The separation between the two communities is often reflected ..❓.. attitudes.
4. .. it is not uncommon for space exploration to be regarded ..❓.. a waste of money.
5. In the sense that Earth and space exploration both stem ..❓.. the same human derive to understand our environment.
6. Projects that have been supported by the Foundation include environmental projects using technologies resulting ..❓ exploration.

1. on 2. as 3. in 4. as; from 5. from 6.from

B. Complete these sentences using the correct prepositions.

1. I do not believe ..❓.. spending money ..❓.. space exploration.
2. With regard to the rocked launch, the team agreed ..❓.. a six-hour delay.
3. Being away from family and friends for long periods must be hard to cope ..❓..
4. The cloud cover prevented observers ..❓..  seeing the eclipse.
5. A team of experts will be involved ..❓..  setting up the space mission.
6. The astronaut said that he had devoted the past four years ..❓..  preparing himself for the mission.
7. Galileo is recognize worldwide ..❓..  having been an exceptional scientist.

1. in; on 2. to 3. with 4. as; form 5. in 6. to 7. as  

C. Now complete the sentences any way you wish

1. As a hobby, astronomy appeals …
2. An interest in science can stem …
3. The newspaper editor decided to devote the front page …
4. People can be very divided …
5. The course will provide me …
6. Mars is often referred to …
7. Journalists need to reflect carefully …


1. … to people who are fascinated by the night sky.
2. … from childhood experiences.
3. … to the landing of the robot on Mars.
4. … in their views about the value of space exploration.
5. … with the skills I need to set up my own business.
6. … as the ‘red planet’.
7. … on the impact of their articles on the general public.

December 13, 2016

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