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Do you enjoy traveling? Do you have itchy feet? Do you live in a tourist destination? Are you tired of the incessant flux of tourist coming to you town and city with little respect for your heritage and customs? Well “tourism” is another high-frequency topic in the IELTS test. In this episode of UIP we will deal with this topic.

Koosha explains the difference between the number of and the amount of.

Schima gives you  a score of good collocations you can use to talk about tourism. She also introduces a fabulous grammar book titled Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Azar

This week Noushin stands in for Alireza and talks about Persepolis one of Iran’s tourist hotspots.

Parisa delivers another spotlight with 2 new idioms on tourism.

British Council experts explain in detail the writing component of the IELTS Test.



Javad Hosseinian our editor and Reza Habibi our technical supporter and program developer.


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