Ultimate IELTS Podcasts S02E04 by IELTSDaily

An alien arrives on earth and says he proposes to eliminate humanity unless we can offer a justification for our existence. Art is that justification we could offer him: a Picasso, a Beethoven symphony, or a Shakespeare play. This is why art is important. It negotiates values between us and the world!

Parisa talks about the significance of art. Then she gives you ideas on how to talk about dance. Finally in our spotlight, Parisa has 3 idioms for you including the word art

Alireza has prepared a topic card for you on the subject of an artistic object.

Schima has also prepared good collocations on the topic of art and later she reviews Focus on Vocabulary 1 & 2.

Koosha also explains another common mistake IELTS candidates usually make: prepositions to report data.

British Council experts give you advice on the dos and don’ts of the IELTS Speaking module.

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