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When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article? Do your daily reading habits center around tweets, Facebook/Instagram updates, or the directions on your instant oatmeal packet? If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out: reading has a significant number of benefits, and just a few benefits of reading are listed below.

1. Mental Stimulation

2. Stress Reduction

3. Knowledge

4. Vocabulary Expansion

5. Memory Improvement

6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

7. Improved Focus and Concentration

8. Better Writing Skills

9. Free Entertainment

10. Tranquility

You are right. This week our podcast pivots around reading, because IELTS speaking and writing modules are replete with questions on this area.

Koosha discusses yet another common mistake that plagues IELTS Candidates: prepositions we use to describe graphs.

Parisa explains why reading books and articles impacts your IELTS score. She also has some idioms for you on reading in the spotlight section.

Schima introduces an excellent resource pack that takes you from IELTS 4 to IELTS 7.5 in three volumes: Complete IELTS Series. In her well-received collocation section, she has a raft expressions to deal with reading.

British Council experts will discuss the importance of listening this time.

Alireza also describe his favorite book as a child  in the form a topic card.


Javad Hosseinian our editor and Reza Habibi our technical supporter and program developer.


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