Ultimate IELTS Podcast S02E05 by IELTSDaily

In this episode of IELTSDaily’s UIP, we discuss questions that revolve around our jobs because this is one of the most frequent topics on the IELTS test. Are you content with your job? Can you talk about how it is done and what qualifications one should have to do it well? Listen to this episode of IELTSDaily’s Ultimate IELTS Podcasts and equip yourself with the suitable lexical resources needed to talk about jobs. In this episode:

Parisa talks about job satisfaction and how it contributes to your general happiness and how seasonal changes can impact some particular jobs. In her  spotlight, she has prepared 3 good idioms pertinent to jobs.

Koosha is here again with his Common Mistakes Section to explain when and how to use if, wether or when

Schima brings you collocations you can use to talk about your job. She also reviews Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS and gives you suggestions on how to use this resource.

Alireza has prepared a topic card on meetings and jobs. A raft of good expressions are used to enrich your Lexical Resources.

Javad Hosseinian our editor and Reza Habibi our technical supporter and program developer.

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