Alireza Ramedani


    Mashhad, Iran


    Alireza Ramedani has been a very active language instructor for the past 14 years. He has taught in several language schools and has supervised a couple of them for the last 6 years.

    With a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature and a master’s degree in TEFL from a prestigious university, he is more than qualified to run almost any type of language courses. However, to further his career he has participated in different workshops such as Sussex Downs IELTS Teacher Training course ran by Sula Dolby along with IH Examiner Training Course.

    He also graduated from two different TESOL programs, one conducted by Sussex Downs in collaboration with Emam Reza University and NOET in Iran and another ran by LTi Australia (Certificate IV). He also received a ToT (Teacher Trainer) degree from Sue Leather Association (British Council).
To date, he has trained hundreds of IELTS/TOEFl/GRE candidates in Iran and has held a couple teacher training courses in Mashhad, Tehran, Urmiah and Istanbul.

    To see my resume and other projects please visit my personal website: