Essay sample #97

Gaining experience before going to university

Some people feel that young people should be made to work for a year before they go to university while others think that they should go straight to university from school.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Gaining experience in the field of work is considered by some as mandatory for prospective university students, but there are others who feel that going to university immediately after finishing school is a much better option.

There is little doubt that gaining experience of work is important. Some people argue that such work gives young people valuable knowledge of the world, which in turn helps them to appreciate their studies and decide what they want to do in life. For example, if young people work for a year abroad learning a language, or in their home country in a foreign bank, it might give them a better understanding of the world and their aims in life. They should then see the significance of a university education.

Other people feel that prospective students will benefit from going straight to university, because they will finish their studies earlier than those who take time off. Moreover, they will enter the job market more qualified than those who delay their studies for a year and will earn more. Prospective students might also lose momentum by delaying their studies. For example, they might not want to go back to studying, thus missing out on a worthwhile experience.

In my own opinion, experience of work is crucial in the modern world, if anyone is to find a job. So I feel the sooner the young find out what work is like the better. However, I do not agree with work prior to university being made compulsory. Instead it should be encouraged, as it may not suit everyone. And also there may not be enough jobs to accommodate every young person.

In conclusion, while work prior to going to university gives invaluable experience to young people, it should be optional rather than obligatory.

January 8, 2017