Essay sample #95

Attracting teenagers by celebrities

Using celebrities to advertise consumer goods that are attractive to teenagers should be banned.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Celebrities such as sports stars and TV personalities are used to advertise all kinds of consumer products to people of all ages. The need for a ban on such advertising directed at young people in their teens is an idea that I agree with to a certain extent, but I have reservations about a total ban.

Adverts where sports stars advertise particular sportswear or clothes is one area which can cause problems for young teenagers especially, and their parents. Footwear such as trainers is a good example. If a sports star advertises a pair of trainers, they can become highly desirable among young teenagers. This can then lead to the youngsters putting pressure on their parents to buy them, especially if friends have them. In a family with more than one teenager this can cause friction and financial problems for the family.

Young adults in their late teens may be under similar pressure. Even if they are working and having their own money to spend, they may feel compelled to keep up with the latest in clothes and accessories like expensive watches advertised by famous personalities. Being trapped into keeping up with the latest gadgets can then lead to debt.

Yet, celebrity endorsement of consumer goods in adverts is not all harmful, because stars can act as role models, promoting a healthy lifestyle. If buying the latest trainers advertised by a football star encourages teenagers to be more active, then that is beneficial. Likewise, consumer products such as healthy food and drinks can lead to a greater awareness of health issues.

In conclusion, when considering a ban on celebrities advertising products, we also need to bear in mind the benefits in certain cases and consider that a total ban might be harmful.