Essay sample #115

Single-sex or coeducational schools ?

Some people think that boys and girls should be educated in the same schools. Others, however, believe that girls achieve better results when educated in single-sex schools.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

For the past decade, parents, students, and psychologists have clashed over the issue of whether children should be educated in single-sex schools or in the same schools. I believe that education in single-sex schools is more efficient for boys and girls for two reasons.

First, boys and girls have the big difference in mental development. Some research shows that a girl’s brain is different from a boy’s brain. If you accept that premise, coeducation probably will not work satisfactorily for every child. For example, I studied with female and male and I remembered that in primary school girls could process information more easily than boys; however, in high school boys were definitely more successful. Moreover, coeducation does have the advantage of being politically acceptable; at the same time, it does not have anything with improvement of academic performance.

The second reason to support the education in single-sex schools is that it helps students to achieve good results and focus on study. It is a fact that boys feel more comfortable and self-confident in single-sex schools, because they do not need to show off and worry about what the girls might think. For instance, it was really hard to concentrate on studying in my class, because I always thought about opinions of others. Thus, males and females become more competitive in a single-sex setting.

In conclusion, children would become more successful if educated in separate classes, because it helps them break down gender stereotypes. Moreover, single-sex education is a good way to encourage children to be enthusiastic, curious, and self-confident.