Essay sample #114

Lesser-known languages

Many lesser-known languages are disappearing. Young people should be forced to learn these languages so they are not lost forever.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Nowadays, learning a foreign language is a very popular phenomenon. The programmers of many schools have a subject such as a foreign language. Learning a foreign language at school or university should be forced. I agree with this statement so I am going to tell you my reasons.

First of all, learning a foreign language is much easier in young ages because the young brain can pick up every piece of information much faster and without any problems. As we know English language is the most popular language in the world as well as the most common, so people who have learned this language can travel and work in most parts of our beautiful world. There are no disadvantages to mention about this point.

The second point in learning another language is the really important process of developing children’s brain because they can improve their memory and it is a good skill to know how to think in a different language. For example, to speak in a foreign language fluently, people have to think as a person who has this language as a native.

Finally, people ,such as students, should be forced to learn a foreign language because they are generally very lazy. This situation is absolutely normal in a majority of people.

To sum up, learning a foreign language is a very difficult process and that is why teachers should force students ,especially at school, to learn a different language. I think people who learn a foreign language in young ages make their life much easier in the future.

March 12, 2017