Essay sample #113

Fast-food companies and giving away free toys

Fast-food companies should not be allowed to give away free toys with their food. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The view that fast food companies have not develop marketing strategy by toys to add sympathy of young people is gaining popularity. I agree this point of view because of damages for children to develop addiction to unhealthy alimentation.

Young people is an easy target for fast food company so parents have to check quality of the food. Unfortunately the pressure is too important and it is not easy to resist to advertisement campaign. Fore, children like toys and associated pleasure to play with toys, with a positive image of fast food, and atmosphere is fun and friendly and gives a false idea about the quality of service of the fast food campaign.

Fast food company produce a low level of quality for food. Too much fast food and sugar can be produce disease for young people and can be provoke addiction. The danger is big. We have to promote for young people a balance life because of the negative effect of fat food for young children.

On other hand toys can open the mind for young people and it is Fast Food Company when they manipulate children by toys. Young public has need to be protected to have a healthy life later.

March 12, 2017

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