Essay sample #100

Reducing youth unemployment

Encouraging the development of creative industries such as the production of video games and computer software is the best way to reduce youth unemployment.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

What other measures do you think might be effective?

Investing in the growth of creative industries making exciting new products is certainly a worthwhile strategy for creating employment opportunities for young people.

Such an area is likely to appeal to young people and it is an area that is attracting considerable attention and is likely to expand in the near future. With new developments in technology such as apps and advanced ebooks, and even interactive books where the readers engage with the content, the creative industries are ideal places to absorb youth unemployment.

As with all situations, there is rarely one course of action that offers a panacea. Other approaches offer equally suitable solutions. Investment in large infrastructure projects such as building houses, hospitals and transport facilities could reduce unemployment on a large scale. Making funding and advice available for young people to set up their own business is another effective employment strategy. With mentoring support from successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople, the energy and enthusiasm of young people could be harnessed to generate work for other young people and other members of society.

skill shortages in vocational fields such as construction and engineering seem to be chronic problems, boosting apprenticeship schemes offering training in vocational skills such as building and plumbing would also be helpful. Another area where skilled workers are required is engineering, a field where there is a dire shortage of qualified workers in many countries.

So while encouraging the development of creative industries is worthwhile strategy to reduce unemployment, it is not the only way.