Common Idioms (Day 1)

Learning Common Idioms is the best way to get a better score in the IELTS test. In this series of IELTSDaily idioms we try to share some Common Idioms with you.

1- As easy as pie   :   very easy, “piece of cake”

2- be sick and tired of : “I hate” (also “can’t stand”)

3- Bend over backwards :  “Try very hard to please someone”

4- Bite off more than one can Chew : “To try to do or eat more than you can manage”

5- Broke : “To have no money”

6- Change one’s mind : “decide to do something different from what had been ,decided earlier”

7- Cut it out : “stop doing something bad”

8- Drop someone in line : “to mail a letter to someone or give them a call”

9-  Figure something out : “come to understand a problem”

10- Fill in for someone :  “do their works while they are away”

September 25, 2016