Collocations 4

Part One:

Use one of these words to complete the sentences below:


1. It is like anything, you have to PUT IT DOWN TO ….
2. Suddenly something will TAKE YOUR …… AWAY and you’ll realize it’s all been worth it.
3. Well I wouldn’t worry- IN THE LONG …., you’ll still get your pictures.
4. It does mean that you need to TAKE the landscape INTO ….
5. I want to MAKE THE …. OF all the stunning reflections in the water.
6. Just TAKE YOUR …., and you might capture an amazing refelection.
7. It’s just something to … IN MIND.

Part Two:

Now match the expressions with their meanings:

A. Profit from in a positive way
B. You will learn from sth, rather than get upset by it
C. Be patient
D. Eventually
E. Surprise and amaze you
F. Consider/think about (two expressions)

  1. experience
  2. breath
  3. run
  4. consideration
  5. most
  6. time
  7. bear

October 24, 2016