Collocations 2

Collocations with "Traveler"

Look at the following sentences and choose the best collocation:

  1. Dr Parr was a frequent/recurrent traveler to Dublin.
  2. There has been a rise in the numbers of self-contained/independent travelers as opposed to those on packages.
  3. Seasoned/Practiced travelers know exactly how to get an upgrade on their bookings.
  4. I’m fed up with reading about all these intrepid/heroic travelers going up the Amazon river in a canoe.
  5. The hotel offers fatigued/weary travelers an excellent opportunity to recharge their batteries.
  6. LuxVac is the resort for judicious/discerning travelers- ones who know hot to appreciate the good things in life.
  7. My father has always been more of a sofa/an armchair traveler, much to my mother’s disgust.
  8. Susie is the kind of inveterate/habitual traveler who will probably never settle down in one place.
  9. The hotel touts lie in wait for  unguarded/unwary travelers and then take them to unsuitable lodgings.

1. Frequent traveler

2. Independent traveler

3. Seasoned traveler

4. Intrepid traveler

5. Weary traveler

6. Discerning traveler

7. An armchair traveler

8. Habitual traveler

9. Unwary traveler

September 2, 2016