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Why online?

Most of us neither have access to nor time for face-to-face classes. If we live in large cities, the commute is a hassle and if we reside in remote areas, access is a predicament. Online learning is a means of achieving what you want wherever you are and and whenever you can. It is cheaper than conventional courses and you can progress at your own pace. This means better results if you have the discipline and willpower to propel you.

IELTSDaily has created a user friendly environment for both teachers and students to convene. If you are a teacher and you need an online environment to hold your classes, you are in the right place. If you are a student and need to hone your skills, again this is where you should be.

Multimedia Learning

Multi Media learning is the use of different tools, i.e. video, audio as well as written form which aid you learn a subject. IELTSDaily courses include all these effective tools and more to make learning fun and efficient. Each course consists of hours of audio and video lessons along with tests and quizzes.

Scientifically speaking, each individual has a certain learning tendency or style. Some prefer visual media while others are far more stimulated by doing things. we keep all these in mind and try to create multitudinous activities that cater to a wide range of learning styles.


Alireza Ramedani

Alireza Ramedani

    Alireza Ramedani is a seasoned instructor, teacher trainer, and material developer. His e-books and pamphlets are canonized in the ELT landscape of Iran for IELTS preparation courses. For the past 2 years, he has been actively developing different LMSs for exam preparation courses in moodle and wplms. Over 15 years of language instruction, 2 TESOL degrees from Sussex Downs and LTi Australia, ToT from Sue Leather’s association has made him one of the giants of Exam Preparation Programs in Iran


Koosha Zojaji

Koosha Zojaji

    Koosha Zojaji is an experienced IELTS and English language teacher, educational manager and teacher trainer. He has been teaching for over 9 years in Mashhad and Tehran. For the last 6 years, he has specialized exclusively in tutoring language learners for IELTS, TOEFL,GRE and GMAT tests. He strongly believes that a qualified instructor inspires confidence, imparts knowledge, helps elevate awareness of how to deal with the test and teaches coveted secrets for maximum results.




    Parisa, human rights activist, animal lover, enviromentalist and literature enthusiast, holding a Bachelore's degree in English lnaguage and literature from Ferdowsi University of Mashah, strated her career in 2005 in Kish Language Institute. On her first attempt in 2012 she got an academic IELTS overall bandscore of 8. She, started working as an IELTS instructor in some language institutes later on. In persuit of her interest in students with diverse backgrounds, she earned a merit-grade TESOL certificate from Sussex Downs College in 2013. She is now cooperating with IELTS Daily as a teacher assistant and instructor


Schima Pirayesh


    Schima Pirayesh is an English teacher,choralist, podcaster and designer who has been one of the pivotal member of IELTSDaily team. She has been in charge of all ID site designs. When IELTSDaily started its herculean task of designing an LMS, she took charge of all the designs from scratch. Her role as the podcaster in our well-received Ultimate IELTS Podcasts has given vitality and vibrance to our performances.

Ashkan Ramedani

Ashkan Ramedani


    Ashkan Ramedani is a software programmer specialized in web design A graduate from Azad University of Mashhad, he has been working on a wide variety of projects including LMS development and programming. Computer programming is not his only strong suit. He is indeed a jack of all trades. IELTSDaily relies heavily on his expertise in different areas.


Reza Habibi

Reza Habibi

    Reza Habibi is a CS specialized in computer data vision and big data, he has technically in <3 with Computer and create/hack fun stuff.




The test comprises of four separate skills. The written section includes Listening, Reading, Writing. Speaking is tested separately either before the written section or after it. It assesses English language skills at all levels. Recently biometric security has been added to protect and ensure test integrity.


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