Essay sample #116

Work is more important than leisure.

Work is more important than leisure. Discuss and give your opinion.

In today’s busy world, the majority of people tend to work long hours, which can leave very little time to spend with friends and family or to pursue hobbies. Some people feel that making money and chasing career goals is more important than having sufficient leisure time; however, I feel that both work and leisure should be of equal value.

Work is of importance in our lives for two reasons: firstly, and most obviously, we need to work to earn an income, and secondly, work provides people with a sense of purpose. Earning an income is the main reason most people go to work, and as well need money to eat, live, and play, this does make work seem the higher priority. Furthermore, without a reason to get out of bed everyday, we can feel somewhat lost and goalless, which in turn can lead to emotional problems.

However, leisure is also of value in our lives. It is essential to have time to rest and recuperate from the stresses of work – this helps keep us mentally and physically healthy. Having free time to pursue hobbies or interests and to relax, laugh and play with our family and friends also gives our life some meaning. Without this, we would not be well-balanced people.

Overall, there is no doubt that work is important and without it we could not actually afford to undertake leisure activities; however, in my opinion, a balance between both work and leisure makes for a more contented and meaningful life.

March 12, 2017