Essay sample #98

Migration to large cities

Nowadays the way modern society is developing is being shaped by people’s migration to large cities.

In what way is migration to large cities affecting society?

Has this become a positive or negative development?


Social media sites are a relatively recent phenomenon which have had a major impact on the way people communicate with each other.

The most important effect is that such media sites as Facebook have brought people together in ways never seen before. A good example is a student from Australia living, working studying or travelling around the world. He or she is able to keep in contact with family and friends and to maintain friendships made during his/her travels. If recent photos and updates are posted on the site, this can then help keep friendships alive.

As with all good developments, there are negative impacts. Devoting too much time to developing ‘electronic relationships’ on social media sites can result in less time being spent on maintaining and starting ‘real-life’ relationships. The result can be a loss of social skills. This is a problem for people of all ages, but more so among young people, who should perhaps be developing more real friendships. Another effect is that social media sites can be addictive and interfere with studies and even work.

While social media sites may be open to criticism, on balance, I feel that they are a good development. They open up the world to people of all ages and help to bring people together. It is now possible to have friends all over the world, which for the young generation is very beneficial, as they can learn to interact with people from different cultures. Such sites can also be educational as people can contact each other in different languages such as Spanish and German.

As we have seen, despite the obvious negative consequences of social media, their use is a positive development.