Essay sample #96

traditional skills and crafts among young people

Interest in traditional skills and crafts among young people worldwide is declining.

What do you think are the causes of this development and what measures could be taken to solve it

Most older people have seen life change dramatically compared to the younger generation, with some things emerging and others such as traditional skills and crafts declining. A number of causes have contributed to this latter situation, but it can be addressed by various steps.

The main cause, perhaps, is the rapid pace of development in modern life brought about by globalization. The world is now more connected than before, so new ideas and ways of doing things are spreading around the world rapidly. For example, while in the past basic materials like furniture and other household utensils were made by hand and the skills passed down from generation to generation, now these items like many others are mass-produced by machines in one or two locations and shipped around the world.

Another factor is that young people are required to learn new skills mainly revolving around technology and so older traditional skills lose their value. Hense, young people have no interest, as there is less need to learn these skills.

To help maintain the interest in traditional crafts and skills, the answer lies in focusing on the problem at school level. Like languages, if the skills are not used, they will decline and disappear. So, if children are taught crafts like making traditional items such as carpets and furniture by hand, there is a chance interest in these will survive.

Great value is often attached to items such as clothing, carpets and furniture that are hand-made. Therefore, with careful marketing and advertising coupled with apprenticeships and targeted funding, attention can be drawn to traditional skills and crafts and in many cases these symbols of a culture can be revived.

In conclusion, with care and attention there is no reason why traditional crafts and skills within all culture should not survive, and indeed thrive.